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Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Civil engineering provides sustainable solutions for integrating infrastructures within the environment and the society. Urban planning and their utilities, railway and highway network design, coastal engineering, risk assessment of floods and earthquakes, design and construction of bridges, tunnels, dams and ports or the integrated management of projects are the most common civil engineering activities.

The Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering qualifies for practising the regulated profession of Technical Engineer in Public Works, in its specialisation of Civil Engineering Construction. In addition, this program is the reference degree to access the Master's Degree in Civil Engineering at UPV.

The Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering comprises 240 ECTS during 4 academic years. During the first two years, basic and scientific courses (statistics, physics, mechanics, mathematics, drawing,...) and pre-technological courses (structural analysis, construction, transportation,...) are taught, while the third and fourth years focus on specific technological training in civil engineering.

This bachelor's degree is part of a UPV bachelor's degree + master's degree programme.
This programme guarantees acceptance in the corresponding master's degree when you pre-register for the associaded bachelor's degree.

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