Polish eye in Valencia


Polish eye in Valencia

Tipo: Magazine cultural Presenta y dirige: Jacek Mikucki Horario: Lunes: 16.00- 16.30 horas; Jueves 19.30-20.00 horas Hello all! You are listening audition Polish in Valencia- Polskie oko w Walencji! It is a great program for polish people and everyone who is interesting a polish culture and language. Every week I will describe the original place to visit and a definite must see in Valencia! Here will find interesting interviews with various guests. I will also share their experiences and observations of living in Spain. Of course, this is a great opportunity to listen to polish music too. So don¿t miss and listen to us every Monday at 4 pm! ...[+]


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This week I recommend to visit the Cathedral of Valencia. It is the place with a long and interesting history. Listen to an interview with the president of the Association of Polish Culture Centre in Valencia-Maria Romanowska. You can also listen to my relation from poetry evening dedicated to Wislawa Szymborska. Songs:

  • Monika Brodka- Granda
  • Myslowitz- Sprzedawcy marzen
  • Edyta
  • Bartosiewicz- Jenny
  • 2+1- W strone slonca
  • ...[+]

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