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Electronic Management
Electronic Management  ...
eUPVmanagement is a project with the aim of fully incorporating the potential of new ICT technologies to the management development at the UPV. It is deployed as a Plan for Improvement of the PEGASUS Programme of interdisciplinary nature for the whole management organisation in the University, contributing in a relevant way to deploy our quality strategy.

Its objectives are:
- Improving the quality of administration and services managed by the UPV, increasing user satisfaction. - Achieving a "benchmark" level in the use of ICT technologies for university management, as corresponds to a technological university. - Contributing to a more environmentally friendly management in our area of responsibility. - Complying with Law 11/2007 on electronic access of citizens to public services. - Improving the UPV's efficiency and productivity.

The Assessment, Planning and Quality Service, together with the Information Systems and Communications Department, is in charge of its development, especially regarding the analysis of procedures, its optimisation/reengineering, modelling and documentation of the same, as well as their subsequent deployment, including change management.

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