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The Applied Linguistics Department is the organism responsible for coordinating the language teaching programmes at the university in the different schools in both undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, and for giving its support to the activities and initiatives of faculty members in the fields of language teaching and research.

The Department comprises the following areas of knowledge: German, Catalan, Spanish, French, English and Italian Philology.

The Department's primary mission is the organization and implementation of teaching and research in Applied Linguistics, highlighting issues such as discourse analysis, the teaching and learning of languages, terminology and translation, language corpora, the analysis of specialized languages and the development of technological applications in all these fields.

The statutes of the Applied Linguistics Department state that the teaching of languages should be oriented to practical applications within the student's own technical environment, with emphasis on the specific area of study of each school. Thus the Department¿s main field of action involves both Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching for Specific Purposes.
To carry out effective teaching in the various schools of the 3 campuses at the UPV, the Department is divided into teaching units (UD) which are responsible for carrying out the language teaching programme requirements stipulated by each school and in each study plan.

The Applied Linguistics Department has organized and participated in numerous international conferences of associations such as AELFE (Asociación Europea de lenguas para fines específicos), AELINCO (Asociación Española de Lingüística del Corpus), AESLA (Asociación Española de Lingüística Aplicada), EUROCALL (European Association for Computer-assisted Language Learning), and ISAGA (International Simulation and Gaming Association).

In addition, the Department offers its MASTER IN LANGUAGE AND TECHNOLOGY, which is a postgraduate course with a dual orientation, specializing, on the one hand, in terminology and language teaching, and on the other hand, focusing on enhancing the performance of professionals, in an innovative way, for the management of technological resources and for preparing students for research in the field of applied linguistics, incorporating advances in computational linguistics.

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