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Department of Systems Engineering and Automation

Teaching in the fields of automation, control and process optimization, robotics and machine vision, the simulation of dynamic systems, flexible manufacturing, etc at the Polytechnic University of Valencia develops the Department of Systems Engineering and Automation (DISA). The automatic systems engineering and is an interdisciplinary science related to many other fields, especially mathematics, physics, electronics and computing. Is primarily responsible for the design and development of systems so that they operate independently, with little or no human intervention. Applications and systems engineering are automatically the most varied: from manufacturing technologies, monitoring and process monitoring, robotics to economics and sociology. Typical applications are, for example, the autopilot of aircraft and ships or ABS cars. His position as a scientific and technological area horizontal, makes automatic systems engineering and is vital to troubleshoot automation, control and process control in the following areas as diverse as electronics and electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace, bioinformatics, etc.


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