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Communication Networks and Systems service
Its mission is to organise and offer the university community the communication platforms, workstations and corporate servers necessary to support all the services offered by new technologies, and which serve as the basis for the development and implementation of modern research, teaching, administration and university management techniques.

Among its services, the following stand out:

  • •Extending the services to the work place of users who must use them, in a universal, transparent and easy to use manner.
  • Managing the UPV's computer network, remote access, wireless network and authentication systems, so that lecturers and researchers, administration and service staff as well as all students can be granted access to own computer resources, as well as those of the internet.
  • Managing the capacity of the central information systems, the servers and databases that support the corporate applications.
  • The installation and maintenance of the various storage services, mail, news, directories, collaborative work tools and information systems in general, as well as their coordination with the rest of national and international academic networks.
  • Managing of high performance multi-user equipment that supports scientific and research applications.
  • Managing the installation of antivirus software licenses, software updates and system protection elements.
  • Coordinating the different services installed in the IT rooms and in the different university centres and units.
  • Managing backup copies and data recovery.
  • Managing advanced multimedia services, such as broadcasting of events over the internet, IP telephony and television, production of teaching content (Polimedia, virtual labs, etc.)..
  • Managing the 3D visualisation and immersive virtual reality centre.
  • Researching technological advances in information and communications systems, and developing projects for the implementation of new services or functionalities.
  • Managing the integration and compatibility of equipment and applications into the University’s corporate systems.
  • The organisation of the integrated computer applications user service of the University, responsible for queries, incidents and problems generated.

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