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Applications Service
Is responsible for supporting the automation of the corporate information system; it also collaborates in the planning and updating of the administrative processes of the University in its different services.

Its objectives are to design, develop, document and maintain all the management applications used in the ASIC. As main premise, the aim is to develop and implement quality software that adequately satisfies, in a timely manner, user demands.

On the other hand, it aims to facilitate administrative processes for users, be they students, staff or suppliers. To this end, it develops applications that allow not only online consultations, but also online management processes and even all types of online payments..

This support service is mainly carried in the following ways:
  1. Collaborating with the owners of the processes (Management Units and Academic Bodies) in the organisational analysis of the same before developing a computer-based solution.
  2. Developing own applications
  3. Collaborating with external suppliers in their analysis, design and implementation.
  4. Managing the incidents that occur when using the applications.

All the services provided by the Applications Service are based on the network, servers and corporate communications infrastructure, which requires a close collaboration with the Systems and Communication Networks Service.