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Repeat Please (Lilian Graça, Brazil 2018)

Repeat please is an assembly experiment with repetitions of movements to deal with the subject of perceptual re-action. The use of falls has as leitmotiv the invariance of movements in an attempt to enable a kinesthetic-body empathy. In a superposition of text, effects and ambient sound, the sound collage dialogues with the cuts and repetitions adhering to them layers of readings and sensations. Lilian Seixas Graça is a choreographer, dancer and videographer. Graduated in Dance by the Federal University of Bahia (1992), specialization in choreography also by UFBA (1993) She is PhD in the UFBA's graduate program in performing arts with the research project on kinesthetic perception in videodance. She works in the following areas of research: creation processes in choreography and videodance; aesthetic empathy, perception and cognition in dance and videodance. Since 2011, she has participated in several videodance festivals such as Dance em Foco, FIVA Almagro, InShadow, Cuerpo digital, D`Olhar, Cultdance.

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