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That's it (Sabine Molenaar, The Netherlands 2013)

That¿s it 2013 15¿49¿¿ Concept and direction Sabine Molenaar & Lisa De Boeck Performance and Choreography Sabine Molenaar Cinematography Lisa De Boeck Music Emilian Gatsov Thanks to Workspacebrussels and 4Culture Association (Bucharest) Jardin d¿Europe, Culture Programme of the European Union In this oppressing dream the personage drifts among layers of reality, claws her way back from nightmare dreamscapes and morphs to creatures hidden in the darkest recess of our minds in a dream that transforms body, time and space. Nothing is what it seems. In spirals of discomfort the personage keeps the viewer in a state of non-control mirrored, opening the gateway to other worlds of perception where but one burning question exists: where do dreams end and reality begin? Bio Sabine studied eight years at the pre-eduction at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg and four years at the Modern Theatre Dance at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. In Amsterdam she co-founded the dutch company Instant Collective. After moving to Brussels she worked with Cia Peeping Tom, JOJI inc and Speedbattle Collective. Sandman was founded by Sabine Molenaar in 2012 and has its base in Brussels, working cross- disciplinary with performance and film.

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