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Master's Degree in Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development

90 credits

Credit 35,34€
Give access to scholarships

45 openings


The energy field is undergoing drastic transformations: substantial increase in the use of renewable sources; emergence of more efficient systems including combined heat and power generation, and creation of market structures using new forms of procurement.

According to most studies, due to the growth of developing countries, mainly China and India, global energy consumption will double by 2050. Given that fossil fuel reserves are limited and the cost of extracting them will increase, the doubling of consumption in just a few decades will require the use of all possible energy sources, the widest possible use of renewables, the most moderate and safest possible use of nuclear energy, and the development of cleaner coal combustion technologies and the capture and storage of the CO2 emitted.

To make the development and implementation of new energy technologies viable and to optimise the day-to-day management of systems and installations, an increasing number of professionals are required who have solid specific training in all current energy technologies and, in addition, knowledge of the analysis and technical-economic management of energy systems and installations, as well as of the assessment of their environmental impact. The Master's Degree in Energy Technology for Sustainable Development trains engineers and graduates of energy-related fields in all those aspects in a comprehensive manner.


The objective of the master's degree is to provide its graduates with all the necessary knowledge to undertake professional activity or research work in the energy sector, in accordance with the needs of sustainable development, that is to say: improving efficiency and savings, as well as limiting the environmental impact of energy generation, transport and use processes.

This general objective is achieved through the following specific objectives:

  • balanced multidisciplinary training in the field of energy,
  • training in energy conversion and storage technologies,
  • and an introduction to the economic concepts needed to understand market mechanisms.

Aimed at

First or second-cycle degree in any scientific or technological area.

Admission criteria

For access to official postgraduate studies it is necessary to hold a bachelor's degree or another expressly declared equivalent. In practice, this is tantamount to holding:

  • An Official Spanish or European Union university degree
  • • University degree from a non-EU country, subject to verification of the equivalence of the level of education to a Spanish university degree (order of the rector).

The Academic Committee of the Master's Degree will analyse the admission applications, ranking them according to the similarity of the degree, the academic record and the curriculum of the candidates, and will proceed to allocate the available places according to the result of the ranking.


Escola Tècnica Superior d’Enginyeria Industrial (School of Industrial Engineering)


  • Universitat Politècnica de València: Departments of Electrical Engineering, Applied Thermodynamics and Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, and Institute of Energy Engineering
  • Participating institutions and companies: Agència Valenciana de l´'Energia (Valencian Energy Agency), Acciona Energía, Grupotec Solar, Elecnor, Iberdrola and Unión Fenosa


Ministry of Education

Iberdrola awards a number of scholarships each year to study the master's degree, which include a monthly stipend equivalent to the FPI scholarships and the full cost of enrolment. The call for applications and the corresponding selection is done during the previous academic year..

Elecnor awards annual grants for completion of the master’s thesis on energy issues related to the electricity sector.

Completion of the master's thesis is included in the academic exchange programme of the School of Industrial Engineering and every year several Erasmus grants are awarded for completion of the master's thesis at foreign universities..

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