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Advice and recommendations when renting a flat

Advice and recommendations when renting a flat

Students must show the lessor the original copy of their university registration form for the current academic year and provide a photocopy of their ID card or passport if required to do so by the lessor.

Remember that you should always draw up a rent contract that takes account of the names of the two parties, details of the premises to be rented, the length of the contract, the amount paid as a deposit and the monthly payments, as well as any other clauses you may both have agreed to include.

On signing the contract, you must be given a copy. After paying the rent each month, make sure you get a receipt to prove you have done so.

Likewise, it is advisable to check the state of the flat and make sure that everything is in order before you sign anything.

Finally, it is important not to rush into things - take your time and study different possibilities before making a decision. You can also look in local newspapers, periodicals published by estate agents or even go into temporary accommodation at a hotel or a boarding house until you find somewhere that really satisfies your needs.

Please note

1. The only purpose of this accommodation database is to provide a meeting point between students and lessors.

2. The UPV's role is that of mediator between the two parties. The student and the lessor must reach an agreement on the conditions and the rent contract.

This role of mediator implies that, for legal purposes, the relationship is strictly between the student and the lessor. Therefore, the UPV cannot be held accountable for any possible problems that may arise between the parties. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the UPV address any complaints or grievances related to these matters.

3. This accommodation service is free of charge. Its only purpose is to give information on currently available accommodation; it will not arrange accommodation for students.

4. The UPV accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or truthfulness of the information provided by the lessors.


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