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Enrique Lores, "honoris causa" doctor

Lores is a former student of the UPV and, since 2019, President and CEO of HP Inc., one of the most important technology companies in the world

[ 04/07/2024 ]

Enrique Lores, president and CEO of HP Inc. and industrial engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), was awarded by the UPV during the closing ceremony of the 2023-2024 academic year, which was held in the Martín i Soler theatre of the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía in Valencia. (Vídeo)

Before receiving the Doctorate, Lores acknowledged he felt "very excited and a little nervous" to accept the highest academic distinction "here at home, with my family, friends and the university community".

In his speech of gratitude, Lores made a brief review of different episodes and experiences that have marked his life, many of them during his university years at the UPV, and stressed how important it is in life "to set a goal that is really a dream for each person, and what you have to do to achieve it".

“Accessibility and proximity”

During the investiture ceremony as an "honoris causa" doctor, his guarantor was the UPV professor, Ángel Ortiz. In his Laudatio, Ortiz highlighted the "outstanding" character of Lores in his "continuous search for learning and personal growth", he added. Likewise, Ortiz highlighted his "accessibility and proximity", above and beyond his great technical capacity, his ability to adapt or his business success."

Ortiz also praised Lores' leadership style: "A leadership without stridency, but capable of anticipating the future, innovating and creating. A style capable of motivating, inspiring, and mobilising people, but also of facing and solving almost any problem, as a good engineer".

A point of reference for the university community

The rector of the UPV, José E. Capilla, stated that Dr Lores is one of the most important people to have studied at the UPV and serves as a reference point for the entire university community. In addition, Capilla emphasised that "Lores' career, which has always developed within the same company, is exemplary. Among other merits, at HP, he has led some significant changes. He has been completely successful even though the technological environment is challenging, competitive and disruptive".

Looking at the balance of the 2023-2024 academic year, Capilla pointed out that "absolutely remarkable results" had been achieved. He mentioned two in particular: the increase in the economic resources raised by the UPV for research and innovation, "an increase that at the end of the year 2023 (last record) was almost double that of three years ago", and the 14 grants that the institution has received from the European Research Council (ERC) in recent years, 6 of which are still active.

A man of one company

Enrique Lores has spent his entire career with the multinational technology company HP Inc. (formerly Hewlett-Packard). Ranked 63rd in the Fortune 100 list, it is the world's second-largest manufacturer of personal computers. In the case of Spain, one out of every four computers sold is from this brand.

He began working on the development of ink-jet printers at the company's facilities in Terrassa. Subsequently, he held various positions of responsibility related to managing and distributing large-format printing products and the company's marketing strategy. In November 2019, Lores was appointed president and CEO of HP Inc., making him one of the most important Spanish executives in the world, being in charge of a company that in 2023 had a net income of 53,700 million dollars.

Deep ties with the UPV

On the role of universities in today's world, Enrique Lores has repeatedly defended the vital role of higher education. Throughout his career, he has also collaborated with various educational institutions, particularly the School of Industrial Engineering (ETSII-UPV), where he graduated first in his class in 1989. In fact, since 2022, he has been a member of the Strategic Council of the ETSII. That same year, he was the commencement speaker of the graduating class that completed their studies at this school.

When asked how higher education should evolve to maintain its mission in the coming years, Lores replied: "There are things that need to change and others that need to be maintained, such as the fundamental principles. What we need to do is to teach more about how to think, how to reason, and how to use the information that is already available to build new things. This mix is what we need to focus on to design the university of the future".

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