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The five Valencian public universities present their awards at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV

[ 20/02/2024 ]

The five Valencian public universities have delivered their awards for cultural and artistic creation in different fields. They recognize creative talent in the performing arts, literature, design and technological creativity, music, and plastic and visual arts. Each university awards the prize in one of the five categories that comprise the PRECREA awards.

The fourth edition of these awards was held at the Universitat Politècnica de València in a gala presided over by the rector of the UPV, José E. Capilla, and attended by the regional secretary of Universities, Esther Gómez, the director general of Culture of the Generalitat, Sergio Arlandis, as well as the vice-rectors with responsibility for culture of the five organizing universities.

You can watch the awards ceremony here.

Performing Arts Award

This year's Carles Santos Performing Arts Award, granted by the University of Valencia, has been awarded to Evangelina Rodríguez Cuadros, Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Valencia, whose research on the literature and theater of the Golden Age has been a pioneer in the national and international arena. Evangelina Rodríguez has highlighted the motto that has accompanied her throughout her career: "I am still learning. A motto that my own family left me and that has accompanied me to discern, to see the reality that has always seemed improvable".

Design and Technological Creativity Award

The José María Yturralde Award for Design and Technological Creativity, granted by the Universitat Politècnica de València, has distinguished Radiante Light Art Studio for its transdisciplinary vision that fuses technology, art, and science in a constant search to understand and represent the complexities inherent in human perception and aesthetic experience.

Manuel Conde, director of Radiante Light Art Studio, emphasized that "our interest lies in the relationship between architecture, people and light, we like to work with light as another architectural element".

Literary Creation Award

In the category of Literary Creation, this year's Isabel-Clara Simó Prize for Literary Creation, awarded by the University of Alicante, went to two Valencian writers for their long careers: Emilio Rodríguez Bernabeu and Jaume Pérez Montaner.

Emilio Rodríguez Bernabeu, a cardiologist from Alicante, has focused his literary activity on poetry, essays, and criticism in Valencian. "In poetry, I have always tried to delve into the lexicon and language because I think poetry is, above all, a way of modifying language to say the unsayable," explained Rodríguez Bernabeu.
For his part, Jaume Pérez Montaner, poet, and essayist born in Alfàs del Pi, has developed an extensive work in Valencian that he has combined with his work as a professor at various universities in the United States and at the University of Valencia. Pérez Montaner has shown his gratitude and has taken stock of his works: "My first published book was Adveniment de l'odi and I am about to publish a new book entitled Amants del Vers. My thanks to the Valencian universities and especially to the University of Alicante".

Music Award

The Federation of Choirs of the Valencian Community (FECOCOVA) has won the Matilde Salvador Music Prize, awarded by the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló, for its work in consolidating this musical practice. "Among our objectives is to highlight the promotion of the relationship between the different entities, improve the artistic and technical level of the choirs, expand their repertoire, and bring choral singing to the street," explained José Ramón Calpe, president of FECOCOVA.

Plastic and Visual Arts Award

Finally, the Juana Francés Prize for Plastic and Visual Arts, awarded by the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, has gone to Pilar Pedraza Martínez, who, over nearly five decades, has developed a prolific career as a creator, art and film professor, translator, and researcher at the University of Valencia. Pilar Pedraza was also Minister of Culture of the Generalitat Valenciana and a member of the Board of Directors of RTVV. She could not attend the event, and Javier Moreno, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Contemporary Creation and Cultural Mediation of the Miguel Hernández University, accepted the award on her behalf.

With these Creation Awards, the five Valencian public universities recognize the excellence and innovation of the Valencian cultural and artistic life.

Photograph by Rafa Andrés.

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