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Enrollment term in degrees and double degrees

The UPV places that have become vacant will be offered to people who are on the waiting lists.

[ 01/08/2022 ]

If you enroll in a degree and, subsequently, you are admitted to another degree that is of greater interest to you, you can enroll in the latter and thus cancel the previous enrollment.

This procedure is automatic if both degrees are from the UPV (the self-registration application, when you enroll in the second degree, will ask you if you want to cancel the enrollment in the first). But if the studies are from different universities, you should ask the center where you have enrolled first how you should request to drop your enrollment.

What to do if you are activated on the waiting list and want to give it up?

You have the possibility to resign from the waiting list in which you have been activated.

The waiver period in the event that you are no longer interested in being called from certain grades, is extended until next September 2 at 3:00 p.m.

To unsubscribe from any list, you must do so from the pre-registration results query, and press the 'Manage waiting list' button. You will find the list with the degrees and double degrees in which you are on the waiting list. You must press the '-' button to unsubscribe. These buttons will only be active for UPV degrees.

To learn about the management of the waiting lists for a degree from another university, you will have to find out about the deadlines and the procedure through the website of that university.

A final appeal in September for the allocation of vacancies

To assign vacancies to students on the waiting list, a final call will be held on September 5.

If you have signed up for a waiting list for a UPV degree, you should check the pre-registration results website after 5:00 p.m. There you can check if there have been movements on the waiting list for a degree that interests you.

In any case, students admitted to any of the calls will be sent an SMS to their mobile phone to inform them of the date and time they must enroll, as well as their PIN number to identify themselves.

As of September 5, schools and faculties will have the option of filling the last vacancies by going to the waiting lists for their undergraduate degrees.

More information

In the virtual registration envelope you will find both the general information for your complete registration (regulations, deadlines, documentation and information points) as well as the specific information of your study center (schedules, Comprehensive Student Support Program, Welcome Days, University Tutorial Action Plan, etc).

In addition, in 'Information on student services' you can find out about the library, the Sports Area, the Student House, internships in companies, the possibility of carrying out academic exchanges and many other services available to UPV students.

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