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MSc in Enology (2nd cycle degree)

Training goals 

The studies leading to an MSc in Enology provide students with specific scientific training in the methods and techniques used in wine grape farming, as well as for the production of wine, must and other wine-related products. They also prepare graduates to work in consultancy and to draw up technical and economic reports within the different sectors of wine production.

In addition to this, students are trained in methodologies for the analysis, storage, management and conservation of final products, and in the health standards required throughout the whole wine-making process, as well as the applicable legal regulations. They also learn the foundations of research and innovation in the field of viticulture and enology.

Career opportunities 

Graduates in Enology are qualified to pursue a career in the following spheres of professional activity:

  • Management and technical assistance in wineries, as well as in companies and suppliers of materials or services for making wines and related or derived products.
  • Graduates are capable of managing the production of different types of wines and acting as the technician responsible for the whole process (from choosing what type of vine stock to plant through to the commercialisation of the end product).
  • Quality control and management of wine and related or derived products. Analysis, storage, management and conservation of end products.
  • Directing and performing research and trials that are required in the wine-making sector, as well as offering technical assistance to companies, institutions and organisations that provide services to wine makers and growers.
  • Technical assistance and drawing up technical and economic reports.

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