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Engineer in Industrial Management (2nd cycle degree)

Training goals 

The studies leading to a degree in Industrial Management Engineering provide students with extensive technical knowledge of management and the ability to coordinate, programme, plan, supervise and control a wide range of industries from an administrative point of view. The degree course consists of 150 classroom credits that are distributed over four semesters, and offers the following specialist pathways:

  • Quality: subjects include Organisational Behaviour and Law; Statistical Quality Control and Quality Management.
  • New technologies: subjects include Computer-Assisted Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing Systems; Management of Advanced Manufacturing Systems, and Robotics applied to Production.
  • Logistics and distribution: subjects include Transportation Engineering, Maintenance and Storage, and Safety and Hygiene in the Workplace.
  • Textile technology: this area includes the subject Textile Technology.

Career opportunities 

Industrial Management graduates can pursue a career in the following fields:

  • Planning and directing the automation of industrial processes; management of purchasing productive systems, the renewal and upkeep of industrial equipment and introducing new technologies; programming and controlling production; and administering business planning and, in general, the firm's industrial policy and technology.
  • Coordinating work teams; defining strategic plans; designing job positions; human resources management, and organising information systems.
  • Performing integrated logistic management; carrying out market surveys, and conducting economic and financial evaluations of projects and activities.
  • Responsible for environmental management in the enterprise.

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