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Industrial Electronics and Control Systems Engineer (2nd cycle degree)

Training goals 

The studies leading to a degree in Industrial Electronics and Control Systems aim to provide students with specialised training in technological fields related to control and electronics in the industrial setting.

The training goals combine solid practical training with in-depth scientific and technological training that enables these professionals to design, project, execute and manage any system, equipment or installation related to electronics and control systems.

Students can choose from the following specialist pathways:

  • Electronics: this area covers the collection, amplification and processing of physical magnitudes that are produced in the industrial environment, with special emphasis on integrating these signals within complex control systems. The latest technologies for analysing and designing digital devices are also studied and students are trained in the design of static power converters for use in industry.
  • Control systems: this area of specialisation covers the latest techniques for industrial systems control, such as expert control, fuzzy control and neurofuzzy control. Students are also trained in implementing physical control systems.
  • Technology.
  • Production.
  • IComputer science.

Career opportunities 

Industrial Electronics and Control Systems Engineering graduates are prepared to pursue a career in the following fields:

  • The design, implementation, operation and maintenance of electronic and control systems.
  • The implementation of technological innovations within the field of industrial control.
  • The improvement of productive processes by technological innovation in control systems.

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