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Technical Industrial Design Engineer (1st cycle degree)

Training goals 

The studies leading to a degree in Technical Industrial Design Engineering aim to provide graduates with an interdisciplinary training covering both the socio cultural and the technological fields of learning, with emphasis on project-based learning.

The contents of the subjects are organised in four broad areas of study:

  • First, those related to visualisation, representation and communication systems.
  • Second, those related to materials, their transformation, and technology and its applications.
  • The third area contains basic subjects that range from the foundations of physics and applied maths to the history of culture and design.
  • The fourth consists of project-based subjects dealing with products of varying degrees of complexity.

In the last year of the degree course students can choose from the following specialist pathways:

  • Habitat: household furniture or vehicle interiors constitute habitable environments that undergo constant changes due to user or design tendencies; these are the areas in which graduates will most often work in.
  • Leisure and Automotive Industry: projects are approached with the aid of computer-assisted design, applied to both the visualisation and the production of complex volumes.
  • Urban Furniture: students work on projects based on designing furniture adapted to different urban settings.
  • Equipment: the approach to industrial design based on computer-assisted engineering.

Career opportunities 

Technical industrial engineers are trained in interdisciplinary skills that allow them to become involved in each of the phases of generating, developing and launching any product that is manufactured industrially; this flexibility favours their integration within the most important industrial sectors in the Valencian Region.

The degree in Technical Industrial Design Engineering is clearly focused on preparing students for a career in the following fields:

  • Design auditing in enterprises; quality management and implementation; occupational risk prevention, and safety and hygiene in the workplace.
  • Technical management in private enterprises and in public administration; product management in enterprises; project development, management and execution; the construction of models and prototypes, and developing containers and packaging.
  • Designing car bodywork and interiors, corporative image, games and toys, furniture and its component parts, industrial processes, outdoor spaces, machines, and so forth.
  • Computer-assisted design; designing and producing models; ergonomics and environmental impact; aesthetics and industrial design, and graphic and artistic expression.

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