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Technical Engineer in Public Works. Branch: Urban Transports and Services (1st cycle degree)

Training goals 

Public works engineers who have specialised in urban transports and services are trained in all aspects of town planning (relationships between the urban environment and housing, the town and weather, climate and landscapes). They are also responsible for analysing plans used in urban planning and their relationship to laws governing urban development, building bylaws, the cleansing of urban thoroughfares, sewers and water supply networks, and health and environmental engineering. They deal with the problems arising from transport in relation to towns (roads, railways or shipping) and their repercussions on town planning.

The first two years are common to the three Technical Engineer in Public Works degrees.

Career opportunities 

Public works engineers, specialised in urban transport and services, receive thorough training that enables them to perform the following professional duties:

  • Management, operation and conservation of urban services: supplies, sanitation, waste treatment, lighting, sports facilities, urban traffic and transport, roads, power plants and networks.
  • Supervision and management of civil engineering projects related to urban transport and services.
  • Studying, planning, constructing and operating roads, railways, harbours and other transport-related infrastructures, in addition to the collection, distribution and treatment of waters, and other urban services.
  • Management of town and regional development and dealing with the environmental problems deriving from these activities.

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