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Technical Engineer in Public Works. Branch: Civil Construction (1st and 2nd cycle degree)

Training goals 

Civil construction engineers are specialists in civil works and are trained in construction techniques (reinforced concrete and metallic structures), building procedures, coastal constructions (harbours and coasts), hydraulic works, roads, railways, and so forth.

The first two years are common to the three Technical Engineer in Public Works degrees.

Career opportunities 

A technical engineer in public works, specialising in civil construction, is trained to perform the following duties:

  • Directing civil engineering studies and projects, such as roads, railways, harbours and their ancillary infrastructures, water collection, distribution and purification, and building work.
  • Supervising and executing all kinds of civil engineering projects, with special emphasis on quality control, occupational risk prevention, safety and health, construction procedures and technology, manufacture of building materials and reinforced concrete structures.

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