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MSc in Environmental Sciences (1st and 2nd cycle degree)

Training goals 

An MSc in Environmental Sciences qualifies professionals to diagnose environmental problems and suggest adequate solutions to correct or minimise them, while also managing and planning human activity in order to make them more compatible with the environment.

The first three years of the degree course are dedicated to basic environmental and applied technical subjects; the last two years are focused on more practical training concerning serious environmental problems.

In the last two years of the degree course students can choose from the following specialist pathways:

  • Environmental Science and Technology
  • Environmental Planning and Management

Career opportunities 

The professional activities that Environmental Science graduates are trained to perform can be grouped as follows:

  • Environmental impact assessment: conducting environmental impact studies; environmental diagnoses and reports; biodiversity and landscaping studies, and so forth.
  • Environmental consulting: implementation of environmental management systems, environmental regulations and legislation consultancy, environmental quality, and so forth.
  • Waste management, dumping and emissions: urban, industrial and agricultural waste management plans, hazardous waste treatment, water purification and treatment, purification of gas emissions, and so forth.
  • Local development projects: implementation of renewable energies; environmental education, ecotourism, and so forth.
  • Regional planning: integrated regional planning; restoration of degraded soils and areas; regional environmental diagnoses.
  • Management of natural resources: management, planning and conservation of natural resources, natural species, sustainable agriculture, and so forth.

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