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MA in Business Administration and Management (1st and 2nd cycle degree)

Training goals 

The aim of this degree course is to provide graduates with the capacity to work in the administration and management of enterprises and other organisations.

Students can choose from four specialist pathways: Agro-food Business, Construction Business, Industrial Business and Services Business, which provide students with basic knowledge of the technologies used in the different sectors.

While studying for their MA in Business Administration and Management, students can also obtain a degree in Accounting and Finances from this University if they successfully complete a number of extra subjects offered by the School itself.

Although the studies leading to this degree are of a generalist nature, at the same time the following objectives are kept in mind:

  • It should be visibly different to the degrees in Business Administration and Management offered by the other Valencian public universities, in order to meet the wider needs of today's society.
  • It should also encourage training in ICT skills and European languages. Students are required to apply and integrate these areas in the final year project they must complete before graduating.
  • It must respond to the need for Business Administration and Management professionals expressed by enterprises in the Valencian Region, while taking into account the size of these businesses.
  • It must train professionals to take on roles as managers, supervisors or external consultants for small and medium businesses in Valencia.

Career opportunities 

Their comprehensive training enables graduates to pursue a career in management positions in all kinds of enterprises, either in the administration or general management departments, or in more specialised positions in administration, accounts, finance, taxation, human resources, commercialisation, marketing, quality, occupational risks, and so forth.
They can also work for other companies by providing auditing, consulting or training services in economic and financial matters, quality systems, human resources, and so forth.
Lastly, they are also capable of working in market research and economic development activities.

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