Vice-Rectorate Of Planning,
Academic Offer and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation

The Vice-Rectorate of Planning, Academic Offer and Digital Transformation is the manager of the management and ordination of the academic offer of the UPV, the preparation of reports and analysis for the development of the strategic planning and the taking of decisions, of the coordination of the economic subjects of the University that affect to the resources of the academic units. Besides it is responsible of the coordination of the formation on line, the platform of massive courses UPV[X], as well as of the technologies of the information and communications


We have squads highly qualified for the development of our aims

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Philosophy of Work

We encourage us in developing concrete and measurable aims


Orient the decisions on a long-term basis and facilitate the mechanisms of decision in the short term. .


That in 2025 the UPV have a system of improvement ranged with the strategic aims that work autonomously and the units have the sufficient resources to contribute to the fulfillment of a sustainable mission.


  • Transparency and objectivity in the decisions
  • Simplicity
  • Emotion by our work
  • Illusion by each change
  • Open communication

Programs and Initiatives Stood out

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UPV Strategic Plan 2027

To develop the UPV 2027 Strategy, a participatory process is proposed, in which the different members of the university community (in dialogue with civil society and the public administration) establish the challenges that the university must face, the objectives we …

UPV Normative related with Studios and Ordination of Titles

UPV Normative  related with Studios and Ordination of Titles

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Leading the digital transformation

What has changed?

The new model of digital learning allows to democratise the access of all the students. It breaks the geographic barriers and generates equality of opportunities to the hour to choose a university career. Besides, the students will be able to improve his conditions of **empleabilidad, when incorporating to his curriculum a solid base of technological capacities.

How we work?

We plan the offer of official titles of Degree and Máster of University; we coordinate the realisation of studios, analysis and prospective as well as the coordination of the systems of management of quality linked with the university services and the application of the Program of Improvement of the Quality of the Services of University (Pegasus).

Latest News

Current information, news and projects

  • Call for Projects ASIC Project Portfolio 2024
    The objective of the call is to transparently and efficiently (both in the process and in the resolution) allocate ICT resources to change projects that add value in the most efficient way, ensuring alignment with the strategic needs of the …
  • Approval, composition and functions of the Strategic Development Committee
    Agreement of the Governing Council to approve the Strategic Development Committee: Document with the participants and functions of the Strategic Development Committee:
  • Mention to the Open Edx Unidigital Project in the OpenEdx annual report.
    The project in which the Universitat Politècnica de València participates in consortium with other universities is cited in the annual report of openEdx (