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We Are Ready Now (Jack Thomson, UK 2020)

Bodies navigate and self organise as they run alone but dance together. The competitive landscape is overwhelmed by public and personal spaces. Actions act as the only markers in time, as they are reduced to noticeable and forgettable images. Where are we in this moment? Individuals unknowingly connected through unseen templates of social dynamic, captured in the container of the now. Director Biography - Jack Thomson Born in York, Jack Thomson is a dance artist, with practises performance, photography and film. Graduating from The Rambert School. In 2015/2016 was a recipient of a Weston Jerwood Creative Bursary to develop further as an artist. As a performer Jack has dance work by choreographers Mark Baldwin, Shobana Jeyasingh, Izik Galli, Caroline Finn, Alexander Whitley, Kate Flatt, Anthony Middleton, Ohad Narhin, Willi Dorner and REDHA to name a few. In addition he has worked with organisations such Phoenix Dance Theatre, English National Opera, Royal Opera House and The Hepworth Wakefield. As an artist who also works with both still and moving images, Jack has had several exhibitions with his photographic work and was a major contributor to the publication Mode & Motion. In 2017 Jack was commissioned by Random Acts (Channel 4) to direct and choreograph the dance film, Business is Brutal, which has gone on to be screened in over 40 film festivals across the Globe and has won 'Best Interpretation¿ at the InShadow Film Festival (2018) and Best Art/Artist Led film at the New Renaissance Film Festival (2018). "Combining my interests outside the dance studio, with those inside, is where my personal multidisciplinary interests and work has developed from. Most of the work I make is largely about the relationship between the moving body and the camera and the context these two come together in."

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