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Charla sobre NLP de la profesora Kristina Yordanova

La profesora Kristina Yordanova de la Universidad de Rostock impartirá dos charlas sobre el procesamiento de lenguaje natural los días 8 y 9 de mayo, en la Sala de Juntas del DSIC (1F).

8 de mayo. 17:00

Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) is concerned with developing computational techniques to enable a computer to understand the meaning of natural language (often in textual form). This talk discusses the field of Natural Language Processing, how it relates to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Information Retrieval, what are the main tasks in NLP as well as the biggest challenges when processing natural language. The talk concludes with practical examples of applying NLP to the field of behaviour analysis.

9 de mayo. 12:30

Behaviour Understanding through Text and Sensor Observations

Measuring human behaviour in real settings is a challenging task that involves observing one's behaviour, coding the observations, and finally anaylsing them to extract meaningful information. In resent years, the use of sensors as means for sensing one's behaviour has gained popularity. It includes using various wearable and environmental sensors to observe the person and later applying automated methods to analyse the collected observations and identify relevant behavioural and cognitive factors. Furthermore, methods for automated extraction of domain knowledge from textual sources have shown promising results in explaining the observed behaviour. In my talk I will discuss such methods that rely both on sensors and textual data in order to reason about one's behaviour, their causes and goals. I will draw examples from the fields of assisting people with dementia and measuring healthy ageing.

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