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Master's Degree in Advanced Architecture, Landscape, Urban Planning and Design Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Advanced Architecture, Landscape, Urban Planning and Design

72 credits

Credit 35,34€
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60 openings


The main objective of the Master's Degree in Advanced Architecture, Landscape, Urban Planning and Design is to provide current architects, future architecture graduates and other technicians with complementary specialized training that enables them to develop their professional career. It follows two basic principles:

  • The sustainability that is part and parcel of any advanced project proposed today in the field of architecture, urban planning, land-use planning, landscape and design; and which is also inherent to the technologies used.
  • The efficient management of these proposals at all stages, with a comprehensive approach based on a concept of project management that encompasses the entire project from conception to completion.

Also, given the multidisciplinary nature of architecture and urban planning, and the wide range of operations that they span, this programme covers four lines, or areas, of specialisation:

  • Urban Planning, Land Use and Landscape
  • Architecture and Sustainable Habitats
  • Design of Interior Architecture and Microarchitecture
  • Advanced Technology in Architecture and Urban Planning


The Master's Degree in Advanced Architecture, Landscape, Urban Planning and Design aims to apply the basic principles of sustainability and efficient management of projects to train highly qualified professionals with specialist skills in one of the following four areas.

The area of Urban Planning, Land Use and Landscape addresses specialist issues in urban planning, general and land-use planning, urban projects, urban development and landscape, from an approach that respects heritage and the environment. These fields cover much of the professional practice of architects, engineers and technical graduates in general.

The area of Architecture and Sustainable Habitats focuses on the opportunities offered by the in-depth analysis of proposals centred on the concept of sustainability. It looks at managing aspects of architecture and urban space, considering, in particular, recycling, reuse and sustainability. To this end it successively addresses the different scales of a master plan, non-residential building projects, residential buildings, public spaces and construction management.

The area of Design of Interior Architecture and Microarchitecture looks at the issues associated with interior architecture, both the development of elements that form the immediate habitat and the definition of the spaces that make up the environment where social exchanges take place. It ranges from microarchitecture to ephemeral architecture, encompassing spaces for hospitality and leisure, health and sports, culture and art; branding and working with different professions, designing furniture and fittings, lighting and set design studios. This area will address the technical and conceptual knowledge required to work with rigour, as well as the administrative processes and rendering techniques most commonly used on this fascinating scale of work.

The area of Advanced Technology in Architecture and Urban Planning explores technological aspects related to architecture and urban planning. This area looks at technological innovation in facilities and construction in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency, both in construction and urban planning. Students are familiarized with techniques and industrial building systems, energy management, security systems and telecommunications.

As it is taught at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, this master's degree pays special attention to the specific issues raised by these subjects in the Region of Valencia.

Addressed to

Graduates in architecture or engineering, with sufficient knowledge in urban planning and construction, who are looking to specialize in these areas.

Admission criteria

The admission of students, after pre-registration, will be decided by the Master's Academic Committee according to:

  • Degree and, where appropriate, professional specialisation in relation to the contents of the programme and the chosen area of specialisation.
  • The transcript, curriculum vitae and professional experience in the field of urban planning, land use and landscape or architecture and sustainable habitats.

Pre-registration should preferably be done online, within the deadlines set by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The student must specify their specialisation on the pre-registration form.


School of Architecture

Participating centres

Departments: Urban Planning; Architectural Design; Architectural Composition; Architectural Graphic Representation; Architectural Construction; Applied Physics; Continuous Medium Mechanics and Theory of Structures; Business Organisation, and Hydraulic Engineering and Environment

Blanca-Cemex Chair, Cerámica-Ascer Chair, Lladró Chair of Architecture for the Habitat, Fulton Chair and the Chair of Sustainable Municipalities.

Renowned professionals in the field of architecture, design and urban planning also participate on the degree programme.

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