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Introduction and objectives


The Master's Degree in Agronomic Engineering (MUIAGRO) qualifies students to exercise the regulated profession of agronomist engineer. In contrast, the Master's Degree in Bioenvironmental and Landscape Engineering (MUIBIP) trains professionals from the world of Engineering and the Environment who can analyse, diagnose, plan and manage projects from the perspective of Bioenvironmental and Landscape Engineering. Environmental Engineering, because this is the field in which the competencies, skills, abilities and learning outcomes to be developed have its soil, and with the prefix "bio", because it is in the field of biosystems (agri-food, forestry and the natural environment) where they will mainly be developed.


The double degree allows students to acquire the competencies of both master's degrees through an integrated academic pathway. All of this at a lower time and financial cost than the cost of obtaining both master's degrees individually. Thus, a MUIAGRO student, instead of taking the 102 ECTS of the MUIAGRO and the 60 ECTS of the MUIBIP, only takes a total of 135 ECTS.


Structure of the Master's Degree


Semester A ECTS Semester B ECTS
Metal structures (OB) 5 Integrated pest and disease control (OB) 5
Business management and administration (OB) 5 Safety and traceability management in the food industry (OB) 5
Food industries (OB) 5 Machinery and equipment for agri-food production (OB) 5
Environmental engineering in animal production (OB) 5 Agri-food marketing (OB) 5
Feed production technology (OB) 5 Agricultural and rural policy (OB) 5
Hydraulic technology (OB) 5 Productivity and management of agricultural systems (OB) 5
Semester A ECTS Semester B ECTS
Principles and tools for Landscape Ecology (OPT) 6 Engineering of installations for the treatment of pollution in the agroforestry sector (OB) 3
Pollution in the agroforestry environment (OPT) 6 Environmental management of waste and effluents from the agroforestry sector (OB) 3
Territory and landscape analysis in engineering (OPT) 6 Life cycle and carbon footprint analysis of agroforestry products and by-products (OB) 3
Environmental and landscape restoration (OPT) 6 MUIBIP General Elective or External Internships (OPT) 6
Natural Resources Policy and Economic Management (OPT) 6 TFM MUIAGRO 12
Environmental assessment of projects (OB) 3 TFM MUIBIP 12
Plant communities in environmental restoration (OB) 3    

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