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Master's Double Degree in Agricultural Engineering + Enology

Master's Double Degree in Agricultural Engineering + Enology Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

The Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering (MUIAGRO) qualifies graduates to become agronomists, while the Master's Degree in Enology (MUENO) is aimed at training professionals in wine production and manufacturing, expert technicians and company managers from the sector and future researchers and specialists in wine technology and innovation. In addition, the master's objective is to train future researchers so that they are able to continue with their doctoral studies.

The curriculum of both degrees has a multidisciplinary academic approach that includes both professional and research aspects. The double degree enables students to acquire the competences of both master's degrees through an integrated academic career. All this in less time and with a lower economic cost than when both master's degrees are obtained individually. In this way, a student of this double degree, instead of taking the 102 MUIAGRO ECTS and the 72 MUENO ECTS, takes a total of 147 ECTS.

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