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Introduction and objectives

The Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering (MUIAGRO) qualifies graduates to become agronomists, while the Master's Degree in Plant Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology (MUBMCP) provides cutting-edge theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to seek new solutions to the challenges of modern agriculture. In addition, this master's objective is to train future researchers so that they are able to continue with their doctoral studies.

The curriculum of both degrees has a multidisciplinary academic approach that includes both professional and research aspects. The double degree enables students to acquire the competences of both master's degrees through an integrated academic career. All this in less time and with a lower economic cost than when both master's degrees are obtained individually. In this way, a student of this double degree, instead of taking the 102 MUIAGRO ECTS and the 90 MUBMCP ECTS, takes a total of 162 ECTS.


Structure of the master's degree


Who is it for?

Those graduates in possession of an official university degree that enables them to become Agricultural Technical Engineers.


Admission criteria

Students must meet the admission criteria for the University Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering, since this is a qualifying Master's Degree: The Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from the UPV, an official university degree that has been used as a pacesetter for the design of the curriculum of the Master's Degree in Agricultural Engineering, is considered as the reference degree. Its graduates, according to the merit assessment criteria established in the following section, will be admitted, where appropriate, without complementary training to said master's degree.

Also, in line with the merit assessment criteria established in the following section, graduates in equivalent degrees from any Spanish university will be admitted without the need to take further training. For the remaining applicants who meet the access requirements, the entity responsible for the MUIAGRO degree will establish the complementary training which must be completed, which, in any case, will be considered as prerequisites for admission.

Those graduates in technical engineering from the previous regulation must obtain, through the itinerary established for the adaptation, the corresponding degree. In addition to the above, the accreditation of the B2 level in a foreign language and the admission mark will be considered a prerequisite for admission purposes, in the terms regulated by the UPV.


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