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Bachelor's Double Degree in Business Administration and Management + Telecommunications Technology Engineering Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Bachelor's Double Degree in Business Administration and Management + Telecommunications Technology Engineering

5 years
370,5 credits

Credit 12,79 / 17,34€
Give access to scholarships

GPA for admission 10,64

40 openings

Presentation of the degree

Students obtain two undergraduate degrees: Degree in Business Administration and Management and the degree in Telecommunications Technology Engineering The subjects taken guarantee the acquisition of the competences of each of the two degrees.

Therefore, the programme trains professionals in signal transmission problems and interconnection of communication networks, with knowledge in communications technologies, telematics, electronics and audiovisual and multimedia engineering, with the ability to manage, direct, assess and evaluate companies, and with special emphasis on business entrepreneurship within the sector of technological innovation.

Career opportunities

Thanks to the double profile, students are able to pursue the professional activity in any of the areas for which each separate degree qualifies for and, singularly, and without the need of additional training, in positions that require the combination of both profiles, especially in management positions of companies and departments of technological nature.

International mobility and internships

Thanks to academic exchange programmes, agreements have been signed with Spanish, European and other universities from all over the world. It is possible to take advantage of the academic exchanges established for any of the two degrees taken.

These studies have an applied approach, with a wide range of internships in companies or research entities, in particular for the completion of the double degree final dissertation, which helps in terms of employability.

Further studies

The degree is established as a reference for the Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering by the UPV.

Besides, students may access the following university master's degrees taught by the UPV: Technologies, Systems and Communication Networks; Electronic Systems Engineering; Biomedical engineering; Acoustic Engineering; Financial and Fiscal Management; and Management of Companies, Products and Services. It also grants access to any university master's degree from the UPV by taking the appropriate levelling courses.


Credits for obtaining the degree

Basic courses Compulsory Elective Internship TFG Total
105,00 202,50 43,50 0,00 19,50 370,50

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