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Integra programme. Tutorial action

What is this? 

When students come to the University for the first time, they must face one of the greatest challenges of student life. The UPV, through the Integra programme, plays an important role in this adaptation process that students must undergo as new entrants with the Welcome Days and the University Tutorial Action Plan (PATU). If we can reduce the impact of admission on new students as well as help them to adapt to their new environment and integrate them in university life, we will improve our personal and academic image.

Who is the University Tutorial Action Plan aimed at? 

It is a service offered by the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) to all new incoming students. Every centre has a team of tutors (student-tutors and faculty-tutors) from the same degree which coordinate to help students through the first academic year.

What are the objectives? 

The main objective is to help students integrate into academic and social life at university. Furthermore, it also aims to:

  • Reduce the impact of access to the University.
  • Inform students about the relevant aspects of their centre and degree.
  • Increase student participation in the different activities organised by the centre and the University and change the student from a passive agent to an active agent.
  • Provide individual and group counselling for students in the academic and personal areas required to help them design their study programme better and optimise their academic performance.

What does it consist of? 

  • During the Welcome Days, the University Tutorial Action Plan is presented and new incoming students can sign up for the programme.
  • Tutorial groups are formed: between 8 and 10 first year students, one student-tutor (a volunteer from higher academic years) and a faculty-tutor. Both tutors are from the same degree and provide complementary visions of the teaching-learning process.
  • Periodic tutorial sessions are held during the course of the year, according to the needs of first year students. These sessions provide support during the first months of the academic year (first quarter), which is when students have the most difficulties and need more support from tutors.
  • The second quarter is optional; those that consider it necessary to continue in the programme can choose to do so till the end of the academic year.

How does it help students? 

Tutors coordinate among themselves and provide individual guidance to each new incoming student. They are available to help you with all academic tasks, from filling out a form to providing guidance to optimise classes, plan your subjects, information about activities and also provide you the services you need.

Tutors have very varied functions. They organise group meeting to address day-to-day problems and try to solve them in the best possible way.

If they feel that you can improve your performance, they can propose improvement plans, course guidance or recommend certain technical courses. If all goes well, it is advisable for you maintain a relationship with your tutor in case you need help at some point.

The University Tutorial Action Plan relies on counselling from the Institute for Educational Sciences (ICE), the Students, Performance and Curricular Evaluation Department and the Vice rectorate for Students and University Areas.

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