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To process the Degree Certificate it is necessary to have passed all credits of the degree, including the final Master's Thesis
Once the Master's Thesis has been evaluated, the students will receive an email with a link to their application informing them that they may apply for the official certificate. They may also access the application via intranet, through: “Virtual Secretary”, “Applications”, “Degree Certificate Application”.

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-REAL DECRETO 1002/2010, de 5 de agosto, BOE de 6/08/2010.
-REAL DECRETO 861/2010, de 2 de julio, BOE de 3/07/2010, por el que se modifica el REAL DECRETO 1393/2007.
REAL DECRETO 1393/2007, de 29 de octubre, BOE de 30/10/2007.
ORDEN ECI/2514/2007, de 13 de agosto, BOE de 21/08/2007.
REAL DECRETO 189/2007 , de 9 de febrero, BOE de 10/02/2007, por el que se modifica el REAL DECRETO 56/2005.
REAL DECRETO 1509/2005, de 16 de diciembre, BOE de 20/12/2005, por el que se modifica el REAL DECRETO 56/2005.
REAL DECRETO 56/2005, de 21 de enero, BOE de 25/01/2005.

Procedures via website:

-Virtual Secretary

After a few days, the applicants will receive an external email, in the email account indicated in the application for the degree certificate, with a link to download the Supplementary Diploma Certificate electronically signed by the UPV.

Once the degree certificate is issued, the applicant will receive an email (in the external email account indicated in the degree certificate application) stating that the certificate may be collected at the Secretary's Office of the corresponding centre.

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