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UPV Social Action
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Aimed exclusively at UPV students enrolled in official courses taught at the UPV, except for doctoral studies.
AUniversitat Politècnica de València social assistance

-General Cause: Personal or family situations of special economic need.
The provision of the assistance will entail the exemption from payment of fees for first-time credits and second-time credits, which are necessary to obtain the certificate; up to a maximum amount of 900 euros
-Supervening Cause: Situations of exceptional serious nature, and causing serious economic damage which may make it difficult for the applicant to continue his/her studies.


Procedures via website:

The application for General Social Action Assistance shall be completed and submitted through telematic channels, in the student's intranet.


- General Cause: The application form will be available on the student's intranet. Access to said application will be subject to the applicant being enrolled in the studies referred to in point 2 of the Call.
    The verification of the identification data of the applicant and all the members of his/her family unit with other public administrations, will be carried out through the Interoperability Platform. In this way the application submitted by the student is considered electronically signed, thus authorising the UPV to obtain the income data necessary for the resolution of the call.

- Supervening Cause: It is a specific application form that is only available at the Student Service (Vice-chancellor's office building) Grant Unit.

Documentation demonstrating the economic and family situation should be provided, especially in the applications for a supervening cause.

- Documentation proving economic and family independence, as the case may be: Income, ownership or rental of the address and municipal registration certificate.
The Commission agreed on the need to demonstrate a minimum income of 3,000 euros per year, excluding rental costs.

Students from countries outside the EU must enclose:
- N.I.E. (Resident: identification number for foreigners)
- If the income comes from a foreign country, certification of the same by the competent body.

As well as any other document requested by the call.


- General Cause: Each call will establish the deadline for submitting applications.

- Supervening Cause: The application must be presented in the General Registry of the UPV or auxiliary registry throughout the academic year.

Processing Status:
The students will be able to check the status of their grants on the University's website through the intranet by login in with their ID and PIN number.

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