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The application for a grant from the Ministry of Culture and Sport will be carried out following the application form in the website of the Ministry of Education.

It is not necessary to submit the application unless documentation is required. In which case, it will be submitted in the Grant Unit of the Student Services (Vice-Chancellor's Office Building).

        In the case of declaring themselves independent, the documentation proving economic and family independence must be attached and submitted: Income, ownership or rental of the address and municipal registration certificate (the Selection Panel of Fellows of the UPV, agreed to credit a minimum income of 3,000 euros annually, excluding rental expenses).

International students must enclose:

            * For applicants who are non-EU nationals: N.I.E. with residence and work registration, and if the income comes from the foreign country, certification of said income of all members of the family unit by the competent body.
            * Non-Spanish EU applicants will be required to have the status of permanent residents or prove to be self-employed or workers. These requirements will not be required to obtain the enrolment grant.

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