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Read official UPV statement: Emergency action plan
Read official UPV statement: Emergency action plan  ...

Coronavirus: Emergency action plan
The five Valencian public universities decide to switch to full online teaching. Addtionally, all extra-curricular activities are suspended.

In accordance with the announced made by the Regional Valencian Government, the rectors of the five Valencian public universities have decided to temporarily provide all their clases online (degree programmes and lifelong learning) starting next Monday 16 March, as a preventive measure against the pandemic coronavirus-COVID-19.
The teaching staff of each university will provide teaching through the online learning platforms starting on Monday so that students can follow classes from home. Computer rooms will be made available to students who do not have a desktop or laptop computer, mobile or tablet. Safety measures will be taken in those rooms.
UPV will shortly send an announcement with specific information on online teaching.
Considering that these urgent measures could not be announced earlier, all tests and exams scheduled for tomorrow 13 March, have been cancelled.
Likewise, all outgoing exchange programs (NEW MOBILITIES) for staff and students have been suspended.
All campus have cancelled extra-curricular activities, social outreach, cultural and sports events, lifelong learning, seminars and events on any university premises. In a broad sense, any activity beyond regular degree programmes is cancelled.
As established in the Regional Government Announcement and until further notice, teaching and research staff, as well as members of administration and support services will remain in their workplace as usual.
These special measures will be maintained until the sanitary situation in relation to the coronavirus-COVID-19 allows for a reassessment or modifications.
Valencia, 12 March 2020
The Rector

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