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Refund of fees

A refund may only be claimed in the following cases:

  • Due to causes attributable to the University. The refund will be carried out after the request is made through the UPV training portal when:

  1. The course is cancelled.

  2. The course undergoes changes: content and dates.

  3. The amount charged does not apply: duplicates, excess fees.

  • Due to causes attributable to the University. In general terms, the fees will not be returned with less than 10 calendar days to go before the start of the course. The delivery of the refund request may entail the cancellation of the enrolment in the course.

  • In the case of activities with specific refund policies that have been duly published in the course documentation, said policy shall prevail over the general one.

The student or payer will request the refund by providing the documentation required (which is included in the fee refund request document) with the following conditions:

  • Refunds requested 6 months after the beginning of the course shall not be accepted in any case. Successful refund requests shall be overturned should the student fail to provide the necessary documentation within 6 months of the request.

  • Requests for a fees refund that have been paid by credit or debit card will be paid back on the same card. The Lifelong Learning Centre may decide whether to make the refund by bank transfer or not due to technical reasons, in which case the interested party shall have to provide the necessary documentation.

  • Payments of receipts by means of an ATM using a bank card, shall be considered as receipt payments for all purposes.

  • Should an invoice be required in the name of a third party; the refund will be made in the name of said third party. For refunds to a different account, an authorisation by the company or institution that received the invoice shall be required.

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