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Formación para empresas

The Universitat Politècnica de València offers the possibility of creating specific courses designed to cover the specific needs of companies and entities through the Lifelong Learning Centre. In this way, a company or entity can request personalised training specifying the necessary agenda, which shall be developed in its training action. It is also possible that part of the current training offer of the Lifelong Learning Centre is adapted to the needs of the entity or company, so it is possible to create an edition of this activity specifically for the applicant.

The duration and access requirements to this type of training shall be defined by the academic head of the course and the company requesting the training.

The certification of this type of training will be applied according to the current regulations


As a first step, we recommend being aware of the regulations governing studies and non-regulated training activities of the Universitat Politècnica de València. You can check the rules in this link: http://www.upv.es/entidades/CFP/info/694792normalc.html

The steps for processing this type of course requires the signing of an agreement or contract between the UPV and by the entity requesting the training. The steps to be followed for the implementation of this type of courses are the following:

  • Definition of the course and preparation of the agreement that shall regulate the financial conditions. Signing of a standard agreement and its annex with the minimum required definition of the course shall also be required. If required, the Lifelong Learning Centre may advise on any doubts that may arise, including the drafting of the agreement/contract.

  • The delivery of documentation to the Lifelong Learning Centre at least one month before the start of the course for its review and the subsequent processing of signatures.

  • Registration in the course through the lifelong training portal, accessible on the UPV’s intranet.

  • The company’s signature.

  • The UPV’s signature.

  • Delivery of copies and registration of the agreement to the Lifelong Learning Centre.

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