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Introduction to internships in companies
Prácticas ETSA Internships in companies Introduction to internships in companies  ...

Students’ internships in companies are pre-professional activities carried out by students through one or several stays in companies and/or institutions outside the UPV. Their complementary objective is the practical training of the student´s university studies, bringing them closer to their professional field’s realities.

These stays are formalized through an educational collaboration agreement that establishes an academic relationship between the student and the company (without an employment relationship) and is covered by private insurance contracted by the university.

Every practice requires the figure of a tutor in the company and another tutor in the UPV, and both are responsible for the student´s training during the practice. The company defines a training program that describes the activities that the student will perform during their internship. The student will be subject to the regime and schedule that is agreed upon, being able to rescind the practice by any of the parties if there is noncompliance*** or for justified reasons.

The company will obligatorily assign the student a pre-determinated wage amount, which will be paid monthly during the internship. Also, with a mandatory character, the company must register the student with Social Security.

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