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Curricular or extracurricular internship
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External academic internships modalities:

External academic internships may be curricular or extracurricular.

a) Curricular internships are configured as academic activities that are part of the study plan in question.

b) Extracurricular internships are those that students may carry out on a voluntary basis during their training period. Even having the same purposes of the curricular practices, they are not part of the corresponding studies plan. However, they will be considered at the European supplement to the degree (SET in Spanish) as determined by current regulations.

Extracurricular internships are voluntary and do not allow validation for any elective subject. On the other hand, Curricular internships are validated by optional subjects depending on the study plan. For this, the following conditions must be met:

- The agreement must indicate that the internship is CURRICULAR.
- The student must have previously registered a certain number of credits for external internships.
- In the agreement, the number of credits registered for external internships and the number of internship hours must coincide according to this equivalence: 1 credit = 25 hours of internships.

In addition, curricular internships have another peculiarity: like all the internships, the student must be registered with Social Security, but as it is a curricular internship it is subsidized, and the fee isn’t required to be paid. The student has to be registered, but the company does not have to pay the amount.

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