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Check the status of your internship evaluation
Prácticas ETSA Internship evaluation Check the status of your internship evaluation  ...

Here you can access the internship evaluation platform and check the status of your internship:

Check the status of the practice assessment.

Here you can:

  • View by academic year all the practices you have completed. The practices are shown once they have started.

  • Access the authentic copy of the practice.

  • Complete your End of internship report. This report is made up of a questionnaire and a report. There is the possibility if deemed appropriate, to attach a file.

  • See if the Company Tutor has completed his End of Internship Report and the date on which he has completed it.

  • See if the UPV Tutor has completed his Evaluation Report.

  • Check the status of your practice evaluation:

    • NOT EVALUABLE: Practice started and not finished. It cannot be evaluated.

    • PENDING REPORTS: Internship completed and pending the Student and/or Company Tutor Report.

    • PENDING UPV TUTOR EVALUATION: Practice completed and pending the UPV Tutor Evaluation Report.

    • PENDING SIGNATURE: Practice completed, evaluated, and pending the digital signing of the act by the UPV Tutor.

    • SIGNED: Practice completed, evaluated, and digitally signed by the UPV tutor. Final state.

    • NOT EVALUATED: Practice that, after study and pertinent approval, does not consist of academic recognition—final state.

  • See the result of the evaluation through the minutes:

    • For curricular practices: numerical qualification of the practice.

    • For extracurricular practices: Apt / Not Apt.

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