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FEZA2011 Post-Conference School Conferenciantes  ...

Confirmed lecturers and topics:

Professor Topic
Paul Wright Introduction to zeolite chemistry and structure
Allen Burton Zeolite synthesis
Hermann Gies Structural characterization of zeolites
Gopinathan Sankar Chemical characterization of zeolites
Luis Gómez-Hortigüela Theoretical methods in zeolite chemistry
Philip Barret Adsorption properties of zeolites
Johannes A. Lercher Basic concepts in zeolite catalysis
Roberto Millini Zeolites in refining and petrochemistry
Paul Diddams FCC- Multifunctional Catalyst System
Jean Pierre Gilson Emerging zeolite applications
Dirk de Vos Zeolites for fine chemicals and renewables
Takashi Tatsumi Perspectives for zeolite chemistry and catalysis

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