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Procedures after obtaining your T.I.E.
Servicio de Extranjería UPV Procedures after obtaining your T.I.E.  ...

Additional procedures after obtaining your T.I.E.

-When the expiration date of this card approaches, and if you haven't finished your studies in UPV, it must be requested a study stay permit renewal. It can be requested between 60 days before and 90 days after the validity date / expiration of T.I.E. and, once obtained, your T.I.E. card will be renewed if your renewal is approved for a period longer than 6 months.

-It is not allowed to entry in Spain as a student when your T.I.E. card is expired. So, if you need to leave/return to Spain in this period of time, you must request a study stay permit renewal AND a return authorization, which will allow returning back to Spain in a maximum period of 90 days after the validity date of the T.I.E. card, depending on the case. For example, for holidays.

Immigration Support Service UPV offers support to students on some procedures. Students provided with a digital certificate can do the procedures directly through official channels (Electronic Administration). NEVER do the procedures on the two channels (official/UPV) at the same time.

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