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Normas del envío para el Abstract


Documents (texts and images) will be sent by email to: mujerarteytecnologia@gmail.com with the words “Congreso Internacional Mujer Arte y Tecnología CIMUAT" followed by the name(s) of the author(s) in the subject line.

  • Author(s)' details:
  • Summary/Abstract: (download style pages)



Deadlines: Extension of thedeadline for the presentation of Summaries/Abstracts until 16th April 2010 inclusive and should be sent to the following Congress email address:


Once you have sent your Summaries/Abstracts you will receive email confirmation that your documents have arrived satisfactorily. If you do not receive an email, please contact us.

After this, you will receive an acceptance/refusal notification on 29th April 2010.



The evaluation criteria to be used by the Scientific Committee will be the following:

  • The theme must be in line with one of the established theme areas.
  • The lecture must be organised clearly.
  • You must specify clearly if the work is an institutional experience, a personal or group research product trial, etc.
  • The work must provide a net knowledge input to the academic community.


STYLE (download style page from Summary/Abstract).


Author or research group details:

  1. Author or research group name:
  2. Short CV: 15 lines maximum per person.
  3. Postal address:
  4. Email:
  5. Contact telephone. number:
  6. Fax (if relevant):


Title of the Communication: Write the title in one or two lines (max.) followed by the translation into English.

Key words: Give 5 keywords on the subject that appear in the article. If possible, do not repeat words in the title in the article. Key words should be listed in Spanish and English separated by //.

- Summary or Summary/Abstract: Each Summary/Abstract must include at least one representative enrolled in the Congress. The Summary/Abstract must not be more than 4000 characters (including spaces). The manuscript must be a continuous text with the paragraphs separated by blank spaces.

Format: Word, PDF and Open Office.

Font and letter size: Times New Roman - 12 - Normal (not bold).

Font style: normal, except the title or subtitle which will be in bold.

Margins: upper: 2.5 cm., lower: 2.5 cm., right: 3 cm., left: 3 cm.

Line spacing: 1.5 lines except for "Notes", "Bibliography", and "Figs." where it will be single. The paragraphs must be separated by blank spaces.

Presentation languages for the Summary/Abstracts: Spanish and English.



If your Summaries/Abstracts have been accepted, you will have until 1st June 2010 to send the complete article, enrol and pay the enrolment fee to attend the Congress.

Participants presenting their work have to pay the enrolment fee to attend the Congress (Members of the Congress: 100€. UPV staff/ University Professors /Teachers: 80€. Students: 60€).

Authors with works selected for publication must sign over the rights to the congress organisers for the abstracts book.

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