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Eli Hinkel
X Congreso de AELFE Eli Hinkel  ...
6 de Septiembre de 2011. 11.30
Modern Efficiency Techniques Applied to Language Teaching. Eli Hinkel

However unique the architecture, no modern structure is ever built completely from scratch. Incorporation of some prefabricated pieces enables builders and other manufacturers to quickly and efficiently create effective structures or products. Much recent research on formulaic expressions and collocations has shown that Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) and academic discourse and text can be successfully built with a broad range of pre-fab sentence chunks and commonly-occurring expressions as well. This presentation suggests a number of practical applications of current research to make the teaching of LSP and academic language more efficient and effective.
An easy technique that language teachers and researchers can rely on with great effect is to have students build up a range of stock expressions to be used in context, as needed. For example, Smith (2001) shows/notes/comments/states that//According to Jones (2002)//Based on Jones (2002)//the study/research shows are equally grammatical and can be used in similar contexts of citing sources. In addition, a stock of common active and passive phrases, sentence chunks, or collocational expressions can be combined with other pre-fab constructions to use both in speaking or writing: e.g. in combinations with modal verbs or infinitives such as can/may be made/used/done, is considered to be/shown to be/known to be.
Numerous teaching activities and suggestions include what phrase and sentence chunks and formulaic expressions are efficient to teach and why, and how to teach them. Additional materials will provide extensive lists of pre-fab sentence chunks and ubiquitous expressions that teachers can use as needed. The presentation also covers several relatively easy techniques that teachers and researchers can use to develop their own lists of formulaic expressions that can be highly fruitful for teaching LSP and academic language efficiently.

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