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Because Strawberry Fields Forever has been voted as the best song of all times. Even if you don't agree with this, it's a must for any Beatles fan to go there. Also because is quite close to Penny Lane and that's missing too much!
Strawberry Field is located quite close to Penny Lane, in Beaconsfield Road in Woolton. It is not easy to find, though. The building is no longer there, and only the fence remains. Look for something like this:
What You Should Know
  • Strawberry Field was the real name of the Salvation Army orphanage to which John refers in the song. The 's' was added when writing the song

  • John used to play around its woods, and there was an annual fete to which he used to go

  • There is nothing but the fence in Strawberry Field. If you're looking for something to remind you of the Beatles you will only find what's on the picture. However, although non-beatlemaniacs just won't understand you, the place certainly has something

  • The song was written in a Villa in Almerķa, while John was filming "How I won the war" with Richard Lester. So maybe something in Spain inspired John to this masterpiece!
The finished song is a mix of two totally different takes. One with the Fab Four playing and the other with orchestral arrangements by George Martin and Ringo drumming. They were recorded at different tempos and keys, and only brought together by luck and extraordinary genius by Martin (try that with analog recording machines). However the mix is audible...but maybe you don't want to look for it, after you find it, it's not so perfect and appears every time you hear the song.

This is what Strawberry Field used to look like

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