Let Me Take You Down To
Strawberry Fields Memorial & The Dakota

Imagine mosaic Because although The Beatles as a group had little to do with New York, one of them lived there for years. It is also sad to realize that John Lennon was killed in New York. NYC is not a place to do a Beatles pilgrimmage, but if you happen to be in town you may want to pay a visit to Central Park and the Dakota building.
Strawberry Fields Entrance What you want to visit in New York is West Central Park, more precisely the corner of 72nd Street (1 West 72nd Street). In that spot you will find the building in which John Lennon lived the last years of his life, and where he ceased to live, as he was gunned down in front of the building's entrance. Across 8th Av, lays the Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park. Strawberry Fields is a garden dedicated to the memory of John Lennon. To get there, you may take the subway to some place in Central Park, and then walk from there on. The park is nice enough to give it a look and remember those 3-beatles pictures (George stayed in the Plaza Hotel with a flu) taken there during their '64 tour. Here's a map to make things easy for you.
What You Should Know
The Dakota Building
  • The Lennons bought several of the apartments in the Dakota building. Yoko still has her New York residence in one of them. The building was built in the late 1800's. It is part of a series of buildings facing Central Park which include the one featured in "Ghostbusters"

  • The access to The Dakota is restricted and a doorman permanently outside will prevent any of you from going inside without a previous appointment.

  • John Lennon was shot in front of the main entrance on December 8th 1980, when he was returning from a recording session for his last album "Double Fantasy" accompanied by Yoko

  • Every December 8th crowds gather at Strawberry Fields and the Dakota to commemorate the anniversary of John's death

  • Strawberry Fields Memorial was created through Yoko's and the city of New York inititiatives. Over a hundred countries contributed to the garden with native plants, and stones for the Imagine mosaic (the one that can be seen in the top picture, which simply reads in the center IMAGINE). A steel plaque lists all the countries who contributed to the memorial

  • John and Yoko used to walk in Central Park and one of their favourite spots is precisely where now lays Strawberry Fields

  • Strawberry Fields in New York, unlike the fellow liverpudlian salvation army orphanage is in fact written with a final s. For more info visit Strawberry Field page.

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