Let Me Take You Down To
London Beatles Places

Apple Headquarters
3, Saville Road. During the late sixties the apple scruffs gathered outside Apple headquarters at this address. Although the building no longer belongs to Apple, the place where the rooftop concert was held, the basement in which the second half of Let It Be was shot, and the door crossed by the four Beatles so many times deserve a visit. The building has gone through quite a lot of refurbishing since, but since you'll be going nearby in your visit to London, you better drop by.

The door you can see in the picture, is one of the ones that have replpaced the original white door in the building, totally graffitied by fab fans. A picture of this door is featured in Ringo's LP Rotogravure. Nearer tube station: Picadilly Circus

EMI Headquarters
Located in 20 Manchester Square until recently, EMI headquarters had inside the famous staircase in which The Beatles were photographed for their Please Please Me and Red and Blue Album covers. The Beatles also received inside this buildings several awards from EMI executives for their record breaking sales. Nearer Tube stations: Bond Street or Baker Street.
MPL Headquarters
McCartney Productions Ltd. (MPL) is hte legal framework of Paul's bussiness empire. The headquarters are located in an elegant georgian house in 1, Soho Square. There is a recording studio in the cellar and although fans are not allowed in the premises, the whole place reminds of Macca and his work. Nearest tube station: Totenham Court Road.

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