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Master's Degree in Music


The Master's Degree in Music from the Polytechnic University of Valencia is an internationally recognized course that combines the most advanced teaching methods in didactic and performative theory and research with a variety of fields and disciplines, including the latest technologies, historiography and ethnography, and contemporary aesthetics, to produce researchers with a high capacity for innovation. The course shares objectives, methods and principles with the most prestigious institutions from the field of artistic research in Europe. The international character of the programme is evidenced by the high number of participating teachers from centres of excellence from other countries.

The teaching staff are highly qualified and include: UPV teachers with extensive research experience; experts from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC); teachers from the Valencian Community Institute for Higher Education in the Arts (ISEACV); and experts in music and the performing arts.

Further evidence of the international scope of this degree course is the International Seminar on Art Research, a series of lectures in which internationally recognized artists, teachers and researchers share their innovative artistic and scientific experiences with the students.


    • Provide graduates of Music, Dance and Dramatic Arts with the means to enrich their artistic, scientific and teaching skills through the most advanced research methods, in keeping with the guidelines of the European Higher Education Area.

    • Provide lines of artistic research applied to the most relevant areas of performance and music culture to expand the student's professional horizons.

    • Equip graduates of Music, Dance and Dramatic Arts with the tools to update their academic and didactic skills and the elements for independent, critical lifelong learning.

    • Promote and stimulate a culture of scientific rigour and research endeavour, with particular emphasis on the need to achieve results of sufficient calibre for publication in appropriate academic and artistic international media.

    • Provide students with the tools to research topics that are relevant in the contemporary music and performance scene.

Addressed to

Graduates in Music, Dance, Dramatic Arts and related degrees.

Admission criteria

The admission procedure includes:

    • Overall score for the candidate's CV (60% of the total score).

    • An essay (maximum 3,000 words) in which the candidate will present their research interests and possible lines of development of their work (40% of the total score).


Department of Audiovisual Communication, Documentation and History of Art

Participating centres

Valencian Community Institute for Higher Education in the Arts (ISEACV), Valencian Institute of Music and the Department of Musicology of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

Cofinanced by

Directorate General of Universities Master's Teachers Mobility Programme, Secretary of State for Universities and Research, Ministry of Education

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