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Master's Degree in Building Constructions Vera (València) Campus, Universitat Politècnica de València

Master's Degree in Building Constructions

72 credits

Credit 35,34€
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In recent years, the construction sector has undergone a process of change to adapt to the new market situation, looking for new goals and new prospects. These changes are affecting both the technological aspects - the sciences and techniques used in building construction - and the management processes adopted by construction firms, developers and real estate companies involved in construction projects. Building work today must adhere to new, more complex construction proposals that demand advanced interdisciplinary knowledge. It is for this reason that there is now a clear demand for technical specialists in construction projects. By acquiring a synthetic and inclusive knowledge of technological and management disciplines, these specialists may respond adequately to the new demands of this sector and generate, in turn, specific new and advanced knowledge.

Research skills, the capacity to design, manage and participate in development and innovation projects, are now considered to be a key component for construction professionals. The Master's Degree in Building Constructions aims to respond to these new training requirements through its two specialisations (Technology and Management) with a proposal that integrates professional expertise, interdisciplinary knowledge and training with research, innovation and development in the field of construction. Therefore, professionals from firms with extensive experience in the sector and, in particular, the Technological Institute of Construction (AIDICO), have been involved in the planning and teaching of the course contents.


The basic objective of the Master's Degree in Building Constructions is to provide advanced instruction in the areas of knowledge currently required for the analysis, planning and execution of a construction project. This objective requires interdisciplinary instruction that is oriented towards two specialisations: current building technologies and new management processes in construction firms, real estate companies and developers. In line with this basic objective, instruction on this course is designed to integrate professional, academic and research components.

Addressed to

The Master's Degree in Building Constructions is addressed particularly to graduates of Technical Architecture, Architecture, and Construction Engineering, the main participants in the building process. It is also aimed at engineering graduates for whom the contents meet the requirements of their career path or research interests.

Admission criteria

In keeping with the objectives and the educational profile of this master's degree, priority consideration for admission will be given to graduates of Technical Architecture, Architecture, and Construction Engineering.

Applications will be assessed on the applicant's academic, professional and research curriculum.


School of Construction Engineering

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