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Anuncio de charla: Practical experiences in the development of a distributed computing tool for the analysis of High Energy Physics data

Ponente: Vincenzo E. Padulano.

Fecha: El proximo viernes 12 de noviembre a las 16:00h.

Lugar: Aula 0S03.

Abstract: CERN is the largest centre for High Energy Physics (HEP) research. The particle accelerator built there (LHC) has generated in the last decade an already very large amount of data (reaching peaks of 100 PB per year). This is foreseen to increase 30 times further when the data-taking period after the next hardware update (called HL-LHC) will begin in 2027. In this context, having performant and scalable software is a key ingredient for a sustainable future research environment. Traditionally, the HEP community has used distributed computing approaches mainly through the WLCG (a worldwide computing grid) and batch systems like HTCondor. In recent years, other industries have tackled the issue of big data processing successfully with frameworks such as Apache Spark or Dask. This talk will discuss practical experiences of developing a tool to bridge traditional HEP data analysis and large scale interactive systems.

Vincenzo is enrolled in the Computer Science PhD program at UPV. He graduated with a B.Sc. in Physics and a M.Sc. in Data Science at the University of Milano-Bicocca. He started working at CERN in the summer of 2019 for the ROOT team to develop his master thesis and continued his work there as a doctoral student. His area of research is in developing distributed computing solutions for the ROOT analysis framework.

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